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Charter of the Association - Latvian Autism Association

Chapter I - General Principles

1.1.Latvian Autism Association (hereinafter referred to as „Association”) abbreviation is LAA.
1.2.Association is established on a volunteer basis to achieve the objectives defined in the charter. It is a non-profit association.
1.3.Association is established to promote the protection of rights for people with Autism.

Chapter II - Goals and Objectives

2.1. LAA ‘s goal is to advocate and protect the rights of persons with autism spectrum disorder.
2.2. The main objectives:
2.2.1. to unite resources in order to advocate and protect persons with ASD
2.2.2. to ascertain the number of people with ASD in Latvia
2.2.3. to carry out research linked to the Association’s goals and further the data application in practice;
2.2.4. to raise public awareness on persons with ASD;
2.2.5. to gather, aggregate, summarize and distribute the information on ASD;
2.2.6. to gather, aggregate, summarize and distribute the information to the persons with ASD in a language they understand;
2.2.7. to gather, aggregate, summarize and distribute the information about the educational possibilities and possibilities to receive support to persons with ASD;
2.2.8. to contribute in education of the specialists and their ability to consult on ASD;
2.2.9. to develop and strengthen the national and international relations in protecting the rights of persons with ASD, as well as in research and other fields, which are related to the Goals and Objectives of the Association.
2.3. To achieve objectives the ASL undertakes following actions:
2.3.1. to organize meetings, scientific conferences, seminars, offer consultations, prepare and give presentations and lectures on ASD;
2.3.2. to organize discussions and prepare proposals and suggestions to address the challenges faced by people with ASD;
2.3.3. to organize ASL’s regional groups, commissions, working groups to address specific issues referred in goals and objectives of ASL;
2.3.4. to advocate the right of persons with ASD and prepare proposals to improve the laws and regulations concerning rights and advocacy of the persons with ASD;
2.3.5. to promote scientific research
2.3.6. to publish books, journals, brochures, journals of the conferences, seminars and meetings, as well as other informative and educational publications (posters, brochures, postcards etc.);
2.3.7. to support production of educational books and teaching aids on ASD;
2.3.8. Cooperates with other non-governmental organizations, national and local institutions in Latvia and abroad, as well as with other individuals.
2.3.9. Carries out other professional, public and economic activities, which does not contradict the normative acts of the Republic of Latvia and are necessary to achieve the goals of the Association.

Chapter III - Duration

3.1. The Association is founded for an indeterminate time period.

Chapter IV - Obtaining membership, Withdrawal and Expulsion

4.1. A member of the Association may become any capacitated physical or legal entity individual businessman by submitting in writing a certain application form. The application form and the list of enclosed documents are determined by the Board of the Association.
4.2. Decision on Member’s enrollment is made by the Board. The Board has to consider the application of the applicant in the next meeting, but not later than in two weeks since the documents are received. The applicant shall be invited to the Association to motivate his decision to join the Association. Applicant’s failure to appear in the meeting is not an obstacle in decision making. The motivated decision has to be given to the Applicant in written within a week since the decision is made.
4.3. The board’s rejected decision may be appealed in written to the General Assembly. If the General Assembly rejects the application, applicant does not become a member and can apply again not earlier than by the end of the calendar year.
4.4. The Membership of a Member in the Association ends by his withdrawal, expulsion or death.
4.5. A member may withdraw at any moment by sending a written notice to the Board.
4.6. The Member may be expelled from the Association by the decision of the Board, if:
4.6.1. a member has not paid the membership fee for more than 3 (three) months;
4.6.2. a member does not observe the decisions of the Assembly of the Members or the Board;
4.6.3. a member does not fulfill his duties and obligations;
4.6.4. a member executes activities, that contradict the Charter.
4.7. A Member may be excluded from the Association by decision of the Board. The Board invites a certain member to the Meeting of the Board to express his view. A member’s failure to appear is not an obstacle in decision making. The decision of expulsion and the motivation has to be given to the member in writing within five days since the decision is made.

Chapter V - The Rights and Duties of the Members

5.1. The Members have the following rights:
5.1.1. To participate in the Association’s administration;
5.1.2. To receive information on the Association’s activities, to acquaint oneself with the minutes of the meetings, decisions and instructions;
5.1.3. To participate in all the events organized by the Association, to suggest on the activities and their improvements, to maintain one’s position.
5.2. The Members have the following duties:
5.2.1. To observe the provisions of the Charter and to carry out the decisions of the General Assembly and Board;
5.2.2. Regular payment of the Membership fee;
5.2.3. To support the realization of the Association’s goals and objectives through active participation.
5.3. Obligations to a certain member shall be determinate by the decision of the Assembly of the Members or the Board. To set these obligations, the Member’s agreement is needed.
5.4. A Member without written statement cannot act on behalf of another Member or Executive Body.

Chapter VI - Bodies of the Association

6.1. Association’s regional and other bodies shall be established by the decision made by the Assembly of the Members.
6.2. Activates, rights, duties and the relations with the Association shall be defined by the body’s manual approved by the Assembly of the Members.

Chapter VII - Calling together the Assembly of Members and Decision-Making

7.1. The Assembly of the Members is the supreme decision-making body of the Association.
7.2. Every Member has a right to participate in the Assembly of the Members. Members can participate in the Assembly of the Members only in person. Each Member has one vote.
7.3. The Member has no right to vote in following cases:
7.3.1. if a Member has not paid the membership fee in time;
7.3.2. if the Assembly of the Members decide on concluding the deal with the Member, file the claim against the Member or decide on dismissal of legal procedure existing against the Member;
7.3.3. if the Assembly votes on expulsion of a particular Member;
7.3.4. if the Assembly votes on a particular Member to be elected or removed from the Association’s Executive Body.
7.4. The Assembly of the Members shall be convened once in a year – not later than March 31st.
7.5. Extraordinary Assembly of the Members shall convene on the initiative of the Board or if requested in writing by no less than one tenth of the Association’s Members, indicating the reason.
7.6. Extraordinary Assembly of the Members shall convene no later than in two weeks after the written request has been received. Every Member shall receive a written invitation to the Assembly.  
7.7. The Assembly of the Members shall have a quorum to conduct business. Quorum is defined as half of all Members of the Association.
7.8. If the Assembly of the Members can not conduct business because of the lack of a quorum, during the next three weeks a new Assembly of the Members convene, which can conduct the business, irrespective of the members present, but with at least two members present.
7.9. Decisions of the Assembly of the Members are made by simple majority vote of participating members entitled to vote. Amendments to the present Charter, the dissolution or continuation of the association shall come into force when they have been adopted by a vote of two thirds of the members in presence.

Chapter VIII - Executive body

8.1. Executive Body of Association is Board, which consists of two members – the members of the Board;
8.2. Board shall elect one of its members as chairman, who organizes the work of the Board;
8.3. Board is authorized to decide on all matters, unless there are matters decided exclusively by the Assembly of Members.  
8.4. The Members of the Board are authorized to represent the Association separately
8.5. The Members of the Board shall serve without pay
8.6. If decided by the Assembly of the Members, the Members of the Board may receive a reward for their work contributing in achievement of the Association’s goals.

Chapter IX - The Association’s Financial Resources

9.1. The Association’s Financial Resources are composed of:
9.1.1. Membership fee;
9.1.2. Income from activities defined in the Charter;
9.1.3. Donations;
9.1.4. Other income that do not contradict the legislation.
9.2. All the Association’s Financial Resources are at the disposal of the board and shall be disposed only to achieve the goals defined in the Charter.
9.3. Membership fees shall be payable yearly in advance. The payment period shall be 1 (one) year or 12 (twelve) months.

Chapter X - Audit Institution

10.1. The Association’s financial and economic activities shall be audited by the auditor or audit commission, which shall be elected by the Assembly of the Members for a one-year term.
10.2. The number of auditors, their mandate and term shall be decided by the Assembly of the Members.
10.3. The auditor or the members of the audit commission may be the members of the Association or qualified auditor or a company that provides audit services. The Members of the Board shall not be elected as the auditors.
10.4. The auditor or audit commission:
10.4.1. Shall audit and examine the property and financial resources of the Association;
10.4.2. Shall evaluate the Association’s budget and annual report;
10.4.3. Shall evaluate the accounting and record keeping
10.4.4. Shall provide recommendations to improve the Association’s financial and economic activities.
10.5. The Auditor shall conduct audit in time period settled by the Assembly of the members at least once a year.
10.6. The Assembly of the Members shall approve the annual report of the Association only after the receipt of Auditor’s conclusions.

Chapter XI - Membership fee

11.1. Members will pay the membership fee once in a year:
11.1.1. Individual person LVL 7.00 (seven Latvian Lats and 00 santims);
11.1.2. Legal person LVL 15.00 (fifteen Latvian Lats and 00 santims).
11.2. Reduced membership fee shall be paid by the Members who are:
11.2.1. Low-income persons, presenting statement issued by the social service, which acknowledge the fact – LVL 4.00 (four Latvian Lats and 00 santims);
11.2.2. family members of a person, who already is a member of the Association – LVL 3.00 (three Latvian Lats and 00 santims).
11.3. The amount of the annual membership fee may be determined during the Assembly of the Members (with simple majority).

The Charter is approved at the foundation meeting of the Association in Riga October 1st, 2006.